Looking for Property in Herefordshire – Relocate Herefords

Posted by discuss | UK Real Estate | Sunday 14 October 2007 7:59 pm

One of the most interesting places to live in England, United Kingdom has to be Herefordshire. Herefordshire, a mixture of rural and urban, towns and villages was described as a hidden jewel, though hidden it is still accessible. From the city of Hereford, you can be in the city of Birmingham, the second largest city in UK in about an hour. From Herefordshire, if you are travelling abroad, Birmingham International airport is less than one hour away and from Hereford train station, you can be in London in just over two hours.

Quality of life in Herefordshire is fantastic; you can enjoy music, film, theatre, festivals and art. You can pursue your passion for good food in farmers’ markets and specialist shops, as well as eating out or growing your own. You can also indulge your love of clothes, furniture and antiques one day and be horse-riding, canoeing or walking in the Black Mountains the next. This amongst other reasons is why people are moving from other parts of United Kingdom to Herefordshire. Herefordshire also boasts of high quality schools and colleges, there is also a Steiner Waldorf school in Herefordshire.

If all the fantastic amenities in Herefordshire make you want to move to Herefordshire, there is a company: Relocate Herefordshire that specialises in helping people move to any part of Herefordshire. Relocate Herefordshire will handle all the processes involved in relocating, from searching for a suitable property for you in Herefordshire or sounding towns and villages such as Ludlow, Monmouthshire and some part of Wales.

You can find out more about how Relocate Herefordshire can help you move at the Herefordshire page on their website.